Why join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers?

Membership Doesn’t Cost, it Pays!

When you join the oldest and most trusted labor organization in the electrical industry it is important to get an overview of the options and opportunities that open up. Change can create a sense of unease, but becoming a union member is both empowering and rewarding.

Membership Dues: 3% of gross wages + $34.60 per month (tax-deductible).

The IBEW and our partner contractors have bargained for over 100 years! In that time the philosophy behind the agreement has always been geared toward quality of life—for you and for your family!


Health Insurance—money saved on necessities is money earned!

  • Journeyman receive full family paid health benefits
  • All other classifications receive paid employee coverage
  • You can elect full family coverage for only $100/month.
  • You can retain coverage eligibility between jobs through banked hours

Protection for your family—how do you value peace of mind?

  • Local Death Benefit Fund (Voluntary)
  • International Death Benefit Fund (approx. $6,250 normal, or $12,500 accidental)6m vest

Retirement—build wealth simply by paying your dues…

  • National Electrical Benefit Fund (includes past service credits)
  • International Pension Benefit Fund (half of your monthly dues go toward retirement)
  • Local union Pension (For Journeyman and 3rd-5th Year Apprentices)

Education opportunities—career development equals higher wages and mobility…

  • Access to professional training like: Code update, Motor Control, and Solar Power.
  • The cost of classes is generally paid for by the training fund.
  • College Scholarships for eligible members and their family members
  • Fully accredited Apprenticeship recognized nationwide!

Trade professionalism—the only organization for professionals working in the trade…

  • Worker advocacy on the job and in the community
  • Networking opportunities with others engaged in the electrical construction trade!
  • Nationwide job referral network
  • Career tracking (job records in one place)

Collective Bargaining—achieves your family’s financial goals through participation…

  • Grievance procedure
  • Better Wages and Benefits
  • Safety

Ownership of the process—as a member you are an owner…

  • Democratic process and—your voice will be heard, both on the job, and in the union